Guidelines for Contamination and Mulch Process 2013(.pdf)

How much does your Timber pick-up service cost?

We provide a skip bin and tray-truck pick-up service for pallets, crates and boxes. We have bins ranging from 10m3, 23m3 and 30 cubic metres. We also have a number of tray truck options available for timber waste collection ranging from 10 pallet spaces (6.0m) 12 pallet spaces (7.3m) 14 pallet spaces (9.0m) and 24 pallet spaces (14.6m)
Our Minimum Collection fee is $250 + GST for local pick-ups of pallets and timber packaging waste. This mimimum fee is for our 10 pallet space tray truck for collection within a 10km radius of our site in Dandenong South.

What types of timber are not accepted??

The following types of timber cannot be recycled into mulch:
* Masonite
* Chipboard
* CCA or ACQ Treated Pine
* Plastic Timber Composites
* Painted Timbers
* Timber Containing large/thick metal such as bolts, brackets, hinges, eyelets, e.t.c.
* Nails and screws are ok.

Do you collect from residences and do you hand load?

We do not currently offer a collection service to residential customers without a forklift. This collection service is for Commercial and Industrial sites. For our tray truck collection a forklift is required to load the truck. We do not offer a "hand-load" service.